SHADE – Share, Help and ADorE

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Its been a pleasure all the way to be associated with SHADE group, for the past 3 years. Though I keep track of the activities and try to contribute whenever I can.

It is an initiative started by a fellow IT employee named Raghavan. He collects whatever amount which is possible to contribute by his friends, family, colleagues each month and donate to a social cause. The initial announcement regarding this group was sent by him, gathered interest among the like minded people. Now the group does many activities like supporting some NGOs, orphanages, etc as and when need arises.

Please visit the SHADE website to know more. They have their presence in both google groups and facebook.

What I like about this group is transactions are transparent and contributions reaches the expected deprieved people in time. I wish them good luck in their initiative πŸ™‚


After a long time..

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Yes really a long time indeed..
Not sure why it took so long. I wont blame “No Time” as everyone else does..
I guess I just give it some time..

Being in the start and middle of the weekend is really a nice feeling..
Hope the saturdays are never ending!

cool, cooler, coldest.. not liking this …

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cool, cooler, coldest.. not liking this cold weather.. esp thinking its chennai… 😦

Got my tickets for my return trip today….


Got my tickets for my return trip today. Feeling relieved and happy to go back home finally. less than a month for the travel. πŸ™‚
I guess I have started microblogging here as the theme suggests in this blog.. and its quite effective too .. πŸ™‚

Why do everyone relate relationships to …

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Why do everyone relate relationships to heart..? and when they face with a failure they drink.. heart still doing ok and liver dies.. looks like tere is a misunderstanding here..

These days daily I think about going bac…

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These days daily I think about going back home ..home in the sense where most of my family are .. chennai..
I like everything back there, except for my cubicle, wish we have some means to pack up this cubicle here to there. Not that this is very sophisticated.. but I can lift up my hands without thinking that everyone is noticing me or move my chair without analyzing the neighboring chair position of my team mates or just have a cup of tea with many refills without being discussed about it with almost the entire team who is around. But I guess everything comes in a package.. hence no worries.. looking forward to go back.

I see achievers daily..

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I see them in papers, blogs.. these days even I bump into them in facebook..

Looks like they are born and not made for some people.. but I guess everyone can be made into what they want them to be. Atleast I think so. For some it might require less effort,.. for others it might require a lifetime of dedication. I always wanted to be an achiever.. never decided the field yet though πŸ˜›

Now that I have achieved some food for my thought today I sleep peacefully. I also understood that brain can also become obese sometimes unless we share the thoughts with others. Any thoughts gud or bad need to be shared with someone or other.. who knows people can tell β€œwat an idea sirji” and u may become a poster boy for some gud work πŸ™‚

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