Everyone thinks am a FOOL :|


Well the FOOL part is really true.. ok this is how I come to *everybody* conclusion. I try to check with 3 ppl with varied perspectives and if 3 of them tell same thing abt an issue i consider their opinion as everybody’s opinion. And those 3 ppl were always frm different age groups and different localities and ofcourse as mentioned earlier, perspectives.

So here is wat happened with one of those ppl:

X1: Hey hi.. can u help me in formatting my resume? I have the interview in 2 days

Me: Sure .. send it

X1 sends a doc and waits

Me: Edits the doc, and adds some stuff, make some pointers and mail it back

X1: I cant open the file u mailed me now. It tells “windows cannot find an application to open your file”

Me, remember now that I use openffice. Told him same thing, he gets pissed and goes offline. I open his doc save in .doc format and mail him. He sends a msg telling me tat why am not having/using MS office and jus using some *crap*. To him I looked foolish for not following the trend.


Other 2 incidents were pretty too rude :-S so no bloggin abt them.. Finally me being branded as foolish geek without using windows and people still have the opinion, atleast over here in India that without having Microsoft windows in ur computer, u can’t do any computer related job.

Opensource needn’t be popular, free software needn’t be popular, but the piracy stuff atleast needs some popularity over here. Many of my frends, and ppl around have windows xp or 2000 cd and never did anyone pay for it, unless it comes with laptop. Why so much confusion and illegality, when u hav something more safe and better which comes with very less hassile and u hav ppl around the world helping u.. I still dont understand.


And I run gnu software in my laptop for the past 2 weeks, and literally no issues with anything, except tat I am yet to configure my wifi thing here. I also intend to not format this stuff for atleast an yr. And here is a sample screenshot..


Media JukeBox :)

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We were planning to get DVD player since the one we have doesnt play divx and its very bad in terms of speed.. and scratched discs OMG I have a loads of them thrown out every year..! So I was jus thinking how a juke box would fit in tat place.. I can copy all my fav cartoons, songs, movies tere and play it whenever I want.. no scratched disc.. no burning issues.. no recurring media expense..

Finally we got wat we were looking into..

Its a 320GB media player.. looks like a mini set top box, bit heavy though.. plugs into the three pin media of our existing tv.. 🙂 so no issues.. Waiting to use it.. its miles away.. costs around 130$ .. Waiting for the Month of May to use it 😀 !

Keyboard issues !

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My keyboard was making me look a fool whenever I need to do a task in my laptop.. no idea why its happening. But I need a shortcut solution.

Problem: one key (minus) was irritating me, by typing by itself.. i was helpless, motionless, speechless. cald up dell since this is the key board replaced by them a week ago. answer was I got to buy a dell keyboard a fix it. ok. asked them to send a quotation for the same. a reference number was given. ooh.. thanks.. n a week or so i wil hav my new keyboard working.

Stop.. everything is not as smooth.. ! 😦

No mails/calls frm dell. I never had time to cal them up in the *working hours* (9 to 6 in weekdays from a bsnl phone)

This issue was not a big deal when it occurred now and then.. But for the past 3 days its the routine.. and also a horrible noise + continuous click sound accompanies. Bugd a lot I wasnt using the comp for more than 3 days n row n home 😦 (rare event)!

Got up today morning, thought tere ought to be a software solution, to disable tat key or something. Getting too bugd, so tat i started hitting the keyboard. 😦

Found this tool Security Administrator which disables any key of ur choice in the keyboard, works only in windows, and doesnt include individual alphabet keys.

At the least a temporary solution to restart my blogging and mailing.!

Song  Playing: Mann Mohana frm Jodha Akbar 🙂

Litmus Tool

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Was discussing about the tester’s role in OSS in LinuxChix mail list, though I was aware of bugzilla and stuff like that, never ever did anything except talking/blogging.. So jus thought let me ask out wats tat I can do.. its kind interesting to find how much hard work is put in the bug tracking/fixing in mozilla project. Mozilla, widely popular since the release of firefox.

Tempted to go for a small flash back 🙂

It was in my college days, few years back, I heard of some new(*) operating system, till then I was playing solitaire in windows 98 ( solitaire is still my fav ). Though was worried about formatting in the pretext of LOD (Loss of Data) I tried to check various windows based softwares which are released in Free licence (never ever cared about it til i chked out wat GPL is all about) … Jus came across a new simple browser named phoenix, it was kool, but lacked lot of addons, plugins and was not the direct replacement of IE for a normal user. Later the name changed to firebird since the older name had some conflict issues with some company (?). Firebird s a DB server, so name change again and finally we have firefox.. kind of interesting.. to see thousands of bugs being tracked by litmus for this piece of s/w .. registered myself there, and hope to run some testcases and file bug reports 😛

B4 litmus they had testrunner, which is now testopia, I don’t know why is this change to litmus, but the interface which tells testcase pass/fail is really kool!


Laptop scanning – International Borders..??

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No idea why laptops are scanned as reported here..

It seems they found child pornography there. OK.. Its found.. wat can be done? punishing the person having the same in his hard drive will be of any effect? dono.. but ppl/govt tend to act foolish sometimes.. will the porn director/producer/actor carry it with him? only the other end wil hav it.. OK.. u got tat guy.. wat can be done.. really nothing.. few months or yr hearing for the charge.. and finally he comes out *innocent* promoting porn sales.. kool.. And after sometime he becomes famous since al news feeds list his name and jobless ppl like me write few lines abt tat guy and its al done..

OK.. coming to the point..

Wats tat I got in my laptop.. lot of space allocated for vmware stubs .. :-S

SCO Delisted.. frm Nasdaq

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   |——-| 0332pe_nasdaq

Finally it happened on 27th dec 2007.. SCO was out of the listing.. since the cpy becam bankrupt.. after filing several law suites and lost, in the process of loosing most of them to IBM and Novell, Redhat etc….

Ok, lets look back ..

SCO’s Timeline over here

Complete controversy list s here

Most of the suites were filed stating IPR and stuff..  

Porting yahoogroups archives to mailman

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First step is to collect the complete archive from the yahoo group…

Mail man supports mbox format for importing archives. So we got to get the yahoo msgs into a single .mbox file. Which can be done using the simple perl utility yahoo2mbox 

To hav this working, we need to have perl installed if u are using windows or mac variants.. as I do .. So I installed Active perl and chked by executing perl in command line.. 🙂 happy things are goin on well till now


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

print “Arch chking perl”
Arch chking perl

Kool.. Next step is to jus trigger this after downloading yahoo2mbox 

Jus give this and wait..

C:\Users\archu\Desktop\yahoo2mbox-0.23>perl yahoo2mbox.pl Indianlc

Keep waiting waiting.. 😦

Finally we get something like this after 15-20 mins

C:\Users\archu\Desktop\yahoo2mbox-0.23>perl yahoo2mbox.pl Indianlc
Logging in anonymously… ok.
Redirected from
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indianlc/ to http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Indianlc/
Getting number of messages in group Indianlc…
Retrieving messages 1..525: ………………Start of message text not found: either <pre> nor <tt> tag found.


…… done!
Saved 520 message(s) in Indianlc.


Except for the time it takes, this stuff does a pretty decent job..  Job done..

Now the admin whos having access to the local mailman installation should do the this..

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