Laptop scanning – International Borders..??

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No idea why laptops are scanned as reported here..

It seems they found child pornography there. OK.. Its found.. wat can be done? punishing the person having the same in his hard drive will be of any effect? dono.. but ppl/govt tend to act foolish sometimes.. will the porn director/producer/actor carry it with him? only the other end wil hav it.. OK.. u got tat guy.. wat can be done.. really nothing.. few months or yr hearing for the charge.. and finally he comes out *innocent* promoting porn sales.. kool.. And after sometime he becomes famous since al news feeds list his name and jobless ppl like me write few lines abt tat guy and its al done..

OK.. coming to the point..

Wats tat I got in my laptop.. lot of space allocated for vmware stubs .. :-S


SCO Delisted.. frm Nasdaq

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   |——-| 0332pe_nasdaq

Finally it happened on 27th dec 2007.. SCO was out of the listing.. since the cpy becam bankrupt.. after filing several law suites and lost, in the process of loosing most of them to IBM and Novell, Redhat etc….

Ok, lets look back ..

SCO’s Timeline over here

Complete controversy list s here

Most of the suites were filed stating IPR and stuff..  

Seagate 1 TB :D



Seagate, the high player and my fav  πŸ™‚ in Memory drives, has launched its latest 1 Terabyte (TB) capacity hard drives β€˜Barracuda ES.2’ and β€˜Barracuda 7200.11’ in India.
Actual pdt specs frm seagate can be found here

The 1TB Barracuda 7200.11 is available at an approx of INR 16,000/-

Complete review of tech specs and details are found here

Final important point to note is am open to such gifts πŸ˜€

Vista partitioning?

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We get a default tool with vista but, irony is that its not user friendly as many MS pdts claim themselves.. ok lets chk whether it works..

I have one primary and one more logical drive. I am able to shrink only the logical, while am not able to do any nonsense with the primary even though i hav loads of GBs left. 😦

This pushed me to chk for the diskpart tool which told me the same thing in the command line.. nothing works .. Kind of bugd now.  Thought abt formatting and re-installing the xp prof and get a linux distro goin, but tat too is not possible since I have organised my data perfectly here so re-organising them is simply a pain in … :-X

Already I disable all those flashy stuff so tat i can save some memory, other than tweaking registry which am very weak since it gives some junk results most of the time i tried.

Refrained from formatting, since After getting this laptop, jus was thinking let me see how long am able to run along with vista home basic edition.

I don like this, except for the ease of operation and I can easily tell my parents something, instead of showing them a xfce stuff. No intention to play with partitions since I have really gud data oraganised properly (atleast to me) .. 😦

Porting yahoogroups archives to mailman

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First step is to collect the complete archive from the yahoo group…

Mail man supports mbox format for importing archives. So we got to get the yahoo msgs into a single .mbox file. Which can be done using the simple perl utility yahoo2mbox 

To hav this working, we need to have perl installed if u are using windows or mac variants.. as I do .. So I installed Active perl and chked by executing perl in command line.. πŸ™‚ happy things are goin on well till now


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

print “Arch chking perl”
Arch chking perl

Kool.. Next step is to jus trigger this after downloading yahoo2mbox 

Jus give this and wait..

C:\Users\archu\Desktop\yahoo2mbox-0.23>perl Indianlc

Keep waiting waiting.. 😦

Finally we get something like this after 15-20 mins

C:\Users\archu\Desktop\yahoo2mbox-0.23>perl Indianlc
Logging in anonymously… ok.
Redirected from to
Getting number of messages in group Indianlc…
Retrieving messages 1..525: ………………Start of message text not found: either <pre> nor <tt> tag found.


…… done!
Saved 520 message(s) in Indianlc.


Except for the time it takes, this stuff does a pretty decent job..  Job done..

Now the admin whos having access to the local mailman installation should do the this..

Linux Chix Wiki & Mail lists :)

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Successfully started off the wiki and mail lists.. all credits goes to the fellow mates there Vid and Runa for taking most of the important steps reg the same..

To ppl who are jus thinking wats Linux or wat Linux chix means? Please chk out this links.. Its a group of a software activists helping in propagating a better side of the software, to be specific πŸ™‚

I was quiet – very passive in mail lists.. since I felt some day an year back that I need to know more and was figuring out I was wasting a lot of time jus chking and answering mails from All-Indian lugs, at the end of 2-3 years I found myself no-where jus a mailer for ppl who were lazy to google .. So thought there are others who wil help newbies and  jus felt interested ppl will always learn watever the initial hickups were ..

So linux enthusiasts please join hands with all gals out there.. who love to explore more than the specified boundaries..

IBM tech briefing..


This is the first time am attending something frm IBM ppl of this kind..
Its a testing tech briefing.. they were talking all abt rational tools.. was jus looking around as I was vry new to testing tools.. most of them (total would have crossed 500 ppl) were PLs/PMs and few engineers like me.. kind of interesting.. few very old managers (top level guys?!) showed up,..

There were 2 speakers.. one gal frm US branch of IBM and one local hyd guy.. both were ok kind of speakers.. as I was not aware of the technical intricacies of the tools I was jus watching and it was kind of interesting as I have never seen any testing tool except for junit which I used n my college.. I projected myself as a novice.. ppl there looked at me and one lady asked me few interesting questions, snippets of the conversation:

“You don’t work on windows?”
“How it is possible to run an automation suite without any tool like rational xxxx”
“Do you work n a project or product?”
“I know more than the trainer”
“Don’t worry you can find some inter-platform tools , IBM supports unix also” πŸ˜‰

And to add icing in the cake.. the trainer told..

“you guys can download the trial versions.. they come without any licence like opensource software..” :O

Watever the software is released the software wil hav some sort of licence.. and for a company like IBM giving out demo versions.. won’t it have any licence? I think they are talking about licence fee and not the licence itself.. πŸ˜‰

Trainer told few other interesting jokes which I am not disclosing to have the happiness within myself.. πŸ˜€

Finally they asked for the feedback… I rated them “Fair” and they gave me the cd for most of the rational tool demo videos..

End of story.. πŸ™‚

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