Its all the same

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Pallavi: “Tandanana” is a word giving the punch of rhythm in the song. Ahi, Pure, Bhala are the words expressing the excitement or ecstasy or appreciation. The absolute spirit is one & only one.

Charanam 1: There are no differences of low & high. “Srihari” (A name of Vishnu. Vishnu is the form of God who is in charge of maintenance, protection of the good & destruction of the bad. In this context, Srihari is the Supreme Spirit) is the indwelling Spirit to one and all. All the beings in creation are one because the indwelling spirit in every creature is one and the same.

Charanam 2: Sleep is same to all, be it a king or a servant. Be it a “Brahmin” (man of the highest caste) or “Chandala” (man of the lowest caste), the earth they live on is the one and the same.

Charanam 3: Be it an elephant or a dog, the sun shines alike on both of them. For the good and the bad, Lord Venkateshwara alone is “The Savior”.

Whoever the God is, above stuff hold gud if we do a ctrl+find+replace the God name in the above lyrics, and tats awsome 🙂


Perspective – still the same!

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I just happened to check a caste based youth forum, weirdest thing, I know but can’t help to read aka think abt polls in such forums.. – leave the name of caste/religion, one poll there was interesting:

Question: Agree with intercaste marriage -> Yes/ No

Response for No is slightly higher than yes, but what I felt disturbing is to read the following responses from 2 voters:

He1: As we know how cultural difference harm a person attitude. Think about you before you step into to life, Hope first you will think, how to safe guard your family through out your life on your shoulder.Do you think other caste people will safe guard our innocent girls on similar fashion.

Just wanted to tell He1: yup, cultural diff shocks.. but caste difference doesnt shock. Culture depends on outlook of the person, not the name of the caste in his docs!

He2: marriages among all x caste is well and good…its actually nice too but no other caste should be entertained…it actually spoils our culture….

Hey He2: So u r cool abt castea1 pal marrying castea2 pal, but casteb1 guy shouldn’t marry castea1 gal.. idea is kool.. only thing is its kind of adam-eve old fashioned.

Is it not time just to stop talking about such crap and let individuals decide whats gud for their life and wats not? I think there are lot of he1s & she1s who are proud abt their caste/creed/community/color! (wat the heck!).. ok kool.. but stop RANTING if someone takes the road not taken.

Note: Am not angry with individuals, angry only with the way they feel intelligent and educated with such opinions!

Fed up with caste/community issues


Still in the practical life, highly respected and educated people think inter-caste/religion marriage is a sin. Such people don want to come and discuss wats the issue with it. They are just worried tat its something different and dono about the outcome of the same and think it wont work. We, humans literally know wats gud/bad in the true sense. We know to register a police case is the right thing to do after meeting with an accident.. but how many of us did that, even I never did tat. We know whats rite, but we don do it. jus don do it and blame everyone in the society. Wats religion/caste for afterall.. its for betterment of our lives nothing more, nothing less. If tats not helping why to worry abt the same… I don think am rational.. am still conservative. But this doesn’t come to a rational point of view. Its jus logical.

To those who mind their caste/creed watever .. a simple punch line “Time doesn’t wait if u are xxx religion and doesnt end if u are in xxxx religion.. Everything in life is same mate, watever, wherever,whoever !”