Vista partitioning?

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We get a default tool with vista but, irony is that its not user friendly as many MS pdts claim themselves.. ok lets chk whether it works..

I have one primary and one more logical drive. I am able to shrink only the logical, while am not able to do any nonsense with the primary even though i hav loads of GBs left. 😦

This pushed me to chk for the diskpart tool which told me the same thing in the command line.. nothing works .. Kind of bugd now.  Thought abt formatting and re-installing the xp prof and get a linux distro goin, but tat too is not possible since I have organised my data perfectly here so re-organising them is simply a pain in … :-X

Already I disable all those flashy stuff so tat i can save some memory, other than tweaking registry which am very weak since it gives some junk results most of the time i tried.

Refrained from formatting, since After getting this laptop, jus was thinking let me see how long am able to run along with vista home basic edition.

I don like this, except for the ease of operation and I can easily tell my parents something, instead of showing them a xfce stuff. No intention to play with partitions since I have really gud data oraganised properly (atleast to me) .. 😦


BlueJ— The END??

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No idea watsoever..

BlueJ is being sued by M$ using their buzzwords patents..!

ok.. for people who dono much about BlueJ.. here is something..

BlueJ is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching. The BlueJ environment was developed as part of a university research project about teaching object-orientation to beginners.

The system is being developed and maintained by a joint research group at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, and the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. The project is supported by Sun Microsystems.

Sounds great.. but chk this out for wat M$ plans for the same..

M$ introduces a feature called Object Bench in the Visual studio express.. way back in 2005.. jus chk out this article where Michael does a walkthrough of bluej and object bench.. awasome in the sense that both are one and the same..!

Jus a screen shot…

Visual studio..!


Rest is untold for those who watched Pirates of silicon valley 🙂

And its not the end of the story..

The M$patent against BlueJ is simply interesting, if you are BlueJ user.. (though am not.. i tried to chk it out so that i can get a glimpse of wats goin on..!)

Sounds really foxy..!

Mic further says..“the actual implementors had taken BlueJ as a design template”

sounds quiet un-ethical..! well who cares.. its finally business that matters and the fittest survives !

Novell and MS collaborate..!

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This guy Ronald W. Hovsepian President and Chief Executive Officer of Novell Inc announced this on Nov 2nd.. More on the same can be read here

This is wat Ron told .. “Let me begin by quickly outlining what we just announced. Microsoft and Novell, starting today, have agreed to build and market solutions so that Novell’s technology works on Microsoft and vice versa. Specifically, customers will now be able to run virtualized SUSE Linux Enterprise on Windows or Windows on SUSE Linux Enterprise. This landmark agreement also calls for both Microsoft and Novell to provide patent coverage to each others’ customers for our respective products. Why is that important? It’s important because you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about legal matters around which operating system to choose. You also shouldn’t have to worry about barriers such as intellectual property agreements, who owns which patent portfolio, and indemnification. None of those issues move your business forward. Now many of those barriers have been removed.”

Lets see how things move..!

MS Office Shortcuts

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Here is the List of shortcuts keys that one could use everyday in various MS Office Applications.

Most of these shortcuts have now become generic shortcuts for all MS Windows applications.

CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + B Bold
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + D Font Settings
CTRL + E Centre Align
CTRL + F Find
CTRL + H Replace
CTRL + I Italics
CTRL + J Justify Align
CTRL + K Insert Hyperlink
CTRL + L Left Align
CTRL + M Tab – Indentation
CTRL + N New Document
CTRL + O Open Existing Document
CTRL + P Print
CTRL + R Right Align
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + T Hanging Paragraph
CTRL + U Underline
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + W Save and Close Document
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + > Increase Font Size as per Point List
CTRL + < Decrease Font Size as per Point List
CTRL + [ Decrease Font Size by 1 point
CTRL + ] Increase Font Size by 1 point

i got it from Venu who is working with M$ technologies

Archu @ Archana.S.R. – BTech IT – CBE
Cartesian Product == Cross Join 😀

MS Chart 6.0 Control


I was wondering how to use it with my C# code
now got it frm a friend ( frm some forum)
this is it

will be posting my code soon 🙂

Windows CE ? !


I was not much aware of the embedded system things till today morning
but after attending the technical session by Kevin reg this, i was
rather moved to become a embedded programmer, seeing the various apps
that run .. etc…

Nice to see the demo reg the WinCE
i was searching all thru google to find the expansion for *CE*
But i couldnt
i got many answers..
few are..

==> Compact Embedder
==> Consumer Electronics
==> Compact Edition..

But wat is it actually.. an easy os developer tool for the small
handheld devices ( influenced by demo! ) and many other devices..

I was reading an article in pcquest regarding the “Flash memory” in
the PDAs etc..
the author was pointing out that there was very less usage of those
flash memories though it was taking very less time to load and execute
the apps there. The major drawback was cost. This thing struck my mind
for few days.. and after Kevin developed a small app for the smart
phone i was rather interested to see how things work.

But i didnt like the way he said abt OS development. He said it is as
easy as 5 steps..
A true technical student should try to learn how things work, rather
making it work, by some means. If he told us how that code is
integrated or somehting of that sort, i woudl be happy.. anyway with
very little knowledge abt the embedded things i wasnt in a position to
raise issues there!

Result of the session
–> i downloaded both the VC# express and windows ce trial version
i wasnt sure abt the trial period for CE.. anyway let me try it out later
and regarding vc# express, i didnt install becas i didnt have SP! in my xp box.

MS Technical Session in CIT


Things are fine..
went to CIT with Angel today, hell a lot of rush ( only in bus)
jus 20+ teams in the college
and kevin and abhishek took the tech sessions
though kevin’s was kool.. abhishek’s was more informative

I knew abt MVC and MSF that he was talking abt.. but the thing is it was buggy when he showed ppt filed with paragraphs.. then there was a break after kevin’s session.. CIT was bit shady….

Nothing else there…
i thought of asking abt the resource kit but kevin told that those things will be replied in mail
they gave MS pens to us,

I registered for a slot for tomoro.. lets see, wat happens…!

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