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    While everyone is watching Raavan and telling more and more about it, I watched the critically acclaimed “Angadi Theru” I am not comparing here both the films as its different in all perspective and I didn’t see Raavan to talk abt it much. This movie is not a cinema movie.. its a reality movie… most of the things shown in this movie I have seen during my visits to T.Nagar and I am able to relate to people there and shops easily as any chennai resident..

  I always felt there is something about the heroine of the movie. I remembered only sometime back that she is one who acted in kattrathu tamil opposite to Jeeva, which many didn’t like the movie for its dark content. But I kind of liked the realistic portrayal. Anjali is one of the very good actress in recent days, I hope she does similar movies like Angadi theru in future. Best performance, as it never felt like acting in even the most cinematic situations in the movie.. Hero is very much perfect for the role. After seeing lot of recent movies without much story/logic, this realistic story and performance stands out of the trend and the music blends with the movie, out of which my favorite number would be “Un Perai Sollum pothu..” Lyrics, music, camera, art direction, editing, everything needs appreciation, especially the director’s bold story line which might resemble real life characters. I have not seen the earlier 2 films of Vasantha Balan, but I guess I wont miss even one from the next movie.






Director or editor someone is really out of mind.. oops i forgot about the story writer.. OMG.. I think they should see the movie once without any interruption before releasing it in public.. I thot it to be something else finally saw it a simple fancy tour for 3 and odd hrs.. Hope Vikram gets a better story and editing for his next movie 😛 I liked the songs though.. they can try someother villian.. Ashish oh always its him these days..!

Naan Kadavul

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This is the movie created with great hype.. and I ended up watching it yesterday.. only to conclude I didn’t feel the emotional touch which I felt in Nandha. All Bala’s movies are tragic and that was not the problem to accept the climax or the portrayal of the beggars, but in the movie atleast for few moments we (art lovers) tend to forget ourselves and involve in the storyline or characterization or even a simple dialogue.. but in this movie, though I don’t have much of negatives to list down, I always felt, that pinch of emotion in Nandha was missing. Hope Bala comes up with a better one next time.

Not to mention the background score was gud and I couldn’t figure out what was the visual effects in the movie since in the end they were listing bunch of ppl/company for the same. May be a “Making of…” will shed some light.

Arya -> Didn’t make me forget his previous roles, though there was some acting here and there with his eyes, its Pooja who scored marks without it. But It still makes me compare with Nandha Surya where I was able to forget the previous roles Surya played while watching this movie.

May be it would have been a better one if there was no expectations from my end! I liked the Shiva song which comes initially in the movie 🙂

Last out of a theater..

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Its often rare to see me watching a movie in theater and alone, never happened..!

But I like one thing with theaters, that too movie which are less crowded, with countable heads.. and I often end up doing everything else than watching the movie, -> eating, sleeping, thinking, watching others, checking my mobile, and its junk settings, and ofcourse trailors of new movies which are yet to be released… and I like this thing, going out of the theater after everyone else has gone, it kind of gives satisfaction for watching the movie to fullest, though I might not have even watched *important* turning points and punch dialogues, But I like to watch the titles scrolling, it means a great experience unless we are a part of it. Every artist likes to see his/her name in his work. Titles means more than the movie itself for them and for me it means watching the movie *completely* …!

Accidental Husband! :)


I liked this part in the movie than anything else 🙂 It was a total surprise to see a tamil song in an Hollywood movie, leave alone music track, the complete lyrics ! thats the interesting part. It has more of an Indian touch to it, and as a fan of Uma Thurman .. always seen her around blood n kill bill parts. In the middle of the movie where Dr.Emma runs out of the Patrick’s house, we hear another song from alaipayuthe. And interesting part is they have given the credit to ARR.. which ppl frm our industry should learn.. gud one to watch.. not the best one.. but watever we don’t need best n everything 😛



Intense screenplay, and the time flies by, wil be in my archive for yrs to come!

Impressive lyrics!


Though the music feels fresh, looks like a copy, but lyrics rocks..
I hope to post the copied song soon… 🙂 if u know, jus leave a comment and save my time..

Hi malini..I am Krishnan…naan idha solliye aaganum..nee avlavu azhagu..
Inga evanum ivlo azhaga oru…
Ivlo azhaga paarthurka maattaanga…and I am in love with you…

Mundhinam paarthene paarthadhum thotrene..
Saladai kannaaga..nenjamum punnaanadhe..
Ithanai naalaaga…unnai naan paaraamal…
Engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe..
Vaanathil nee vennilla…yekkathil naan theivadhaa..
Ippozhdhu ennodu vandhaal enna…oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna…
Ippozhdhu ennodu vandhaal enna…oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna…

Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene..saladai kannaaga..nenjamum punnaanadhe..
Ithanai naalaaga…unnai naan paaraamal…
Engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe..


Thula thottil unnai veithu…nigar seiya ponnai veithaai…
Thulabaram thorkaadhoo..perazhagae…
Mugam paarthu pesum unnai…mudhal kaadhal sindhum kannai…
Anaikkaamal povenoo….aaruyire…

Ohhh…nizhal pola vidaamal unnai…thodarvenadii…
Pugai pola padaamal pattu…nagarvenadi…
Vina nooru Kanavum nooru…vidai solladi…

Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene..
Saladai kannaaga..ullamum ponnaanadhe..
Ithanai naalaaga (oh my love)…unnai naan paaraamal (yes my love)…engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe..


Kadal nilam mangum neram..alai vandhu theendum thooram..
Manam sendru muzhvenoo…eerathile..
Thalai saikka thozhum thandhaai…viral korthu pakkam vandhaai…
Idhazh mattum innum yen dhoorathilee..
Pagal neram kanaakkal kanden, urangaamale…uyirendum uraaiya kanden, nerungaamale…
Unai andri enakkedhu…edhir kaalame…

Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene..
Saladai kannaaga..nenjamum ponnanadhe..
Ithanai naalaaga …unnai naan paaraamal…
Engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe..
Vaanathil nee vennilla…yekkathil naan theivadhaa..
Ippozhdhu ennodu vandhaal enna…oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna..
Ippozhdhu ennodu vandhaal enna….oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna..


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