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Its very difficult these days to acquire a piece of land either as investment or to stay there.. especially in the case of metros. If the flat/ind home is got in outskirts people comment about its location, if its got in city, people tell its very dingy.. Only people with parental or other financial support are able to own a house before they turn 30. In olden days building home will be a lifetime dream, which mostly happens between 40-50 yrs on average, now even an 25 yr old owns a flat somewhere in the city or in the native. Real estate agents seem to have used this to the core. I have been to many building expos, fairs, where the people just drop in and book the flat, not even visiting the location. I donot know whether they are rich, or lazy or simply falling under the trusting category.. not sure though.. Seeing the outskirts skyscrappers and crorepathis getting houses in RA purams, I am not sure what is the best profession to build a home with decent space these days.. Really fingers crossed :-X

A flat that costed 15 lacs before 5 yrs is now 35-40 lacs, irrespective of the location, if its in a metro its the hike ratio.. Salaries hav also increased, so are the EMIs, and also the expectations from near and dear ones..!


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