Counting ..


huh.. 4 months passed … away frm home.. waiting to get back home.. counting days.. dragging weeks and making it to months.. count count.. time fly now.. 😦




I wanted to sleep now so logged out of VPN connection.. its so irritating to work on weekends.. that too for the work that should have been done long back. And when I look out of the window, there is not even a single soul out there .. ofcourse its a sunday nite and ppl would have hit their beds..

I am listening to this now.. I am not sure why I am not finding any decent songs these days.. may be am not looking..

After long time I watched 5 parts of star wars series.. 6th still pending.. really became fan of Jedi and especially Yoda master 😛

Looking forward to next weekend..!!! I wont be watching out of this window atleast.. I will be playing with Raghav 😀

May be.. May be not

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May be .. may be not.. doesn’t mean not at all or always.. !

So whatever it is .. we deal with it to get over it .. we just not sit around hoping it will pass away without noticing.. braver ones will chase and face and the rest optimistic ones will atleast not run away… wherever you go.. whatever you do.. you have to deal with it.. that helps and teaches really new things and sometimes or for someone its most of the times ..!

I am atleast happy that I never felt to run away from anything.. even if its bad.. that how it works here.. here I mean this human life..

Atleast I had that courage to take life ahead..!

Dont have anything to write?

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Mind is blank when it comes to writing these days. does it means this will be the last post in this blog? Not sure need to hang around and see whether this is an illusion or a real obstruction.

And so he called


This guy is pathetic.. not becas he s trustfully illiterate about his work.. but he thinks otherwise 😛

So he has this simple temperament of pleasing his boss by watever stupid/idiotic work he can do. And thats the funny part we always look out for. He called me up today to chk up some stupid stuff which is not so important as I will be joining work tomoro after a brief sick instinct.

Not sure why we have this intelligent gadget called mobile phones. This guy called up my dad and asked my current landline number and called me up and asked the crappy unimportant questions. It was weird as i was not aware that he made a call to my dad. So when I knew this later today i was totally out of my mind and logged into my webmail to check wat so important he needed. Its crappier than his call.

Such people in my office make me re-think about going to work everyday! It isn’t their fault that I still have some sense to understand his non-sense. Hope I get a no nonsense job…. and it always stays as a dream as it does always…!


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It all gets the name wierd since I wouldn’t dare to describe work/expectations the other way.

So lets see..

guy who never talks -> thinks BIG of himself, God knows wat he knows.. he he

guy who talks sometimes -> oh he s just hi bye kind.. huh

guy talks most of the time -> huh, could you just shut up, we are here to work boss and yes are we are done hearing ur crap.

So, one day the guy questions himself why the world is always expecting something that we are not?? oops he was thinking bit too loudly tat his team mate over heard it. Tat other cranky guy couldnt possibly stop from adding his words, which made me think more about how wierd its to watch ppls actions/thoughts but at the end of the day it does teach something worthwhile.

The fun part is both of them dono who I am and I was watching them 😛 other fun part is I was watching that gang for quiet sometime since its kind of interesting to understand how creepy and cranky ppl get when they are out of their mood 😉

That fluffy cream doll

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So this guy keeps asking this question.. why do always gals like fluffy stuffed toys.. well i dono.. but thats ofcourse one quality that i can tell matches with anyother gal round the corner. While we were shopping in pondi bazaar, was trying to find the parked car of ours and it was filled with toys 🙂 At a spur of moment felt like all were mine, but the owner wasnt drunk so he took it with him 😦

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