I had a hard disk crash few months back and my 120GB HDD of my laptop retired. I was planning to get an upgraded HDD for 500GB and install the visa basic which came with the laptop. Then a thought came thru Govind to try Linux Mint. I felt why not after all those years trying several linux distros, I felt really nothing was out of box and always I had to spend countless nights trying to figure things out through friends and forums. I really feel that this one has better desktop approach than most of the distros I tried few years back. Though I did not like the fancy KDE gimmicks, felt that gnome upgrade was quite simple and easy. It had answers to all my requirements for day today computer usage and was surprised to see few interesting apps that I could use to make my life easier, which in windows I would have to scoot for freewares or think abt trials/cracks.

What prompted me to write this entry is after reading this article felt that people should try this one if there is a spare pc or run into misfortune of system crashes. Its really a worthy try. I am currently not thinking of running into windows unless I require some proprietary work related s/w to be installed. Happy computing!