I was following some lightwave webminars and articles these days closely. Lot of things displayed there make me think where the future telecom would be ..! decade started with 1G and already there are trials of 500G. I guess the near life like experience, which is currently present only in corporate will be available to the public. Though in ads of 3g i see them, but not that satisfactory. Since I work in a wider spectrum knowing the placing of the products and the issues faced, it really looks interesting how all this development happened in 2-3 decades. Can’t imagine like the fiction author Sujatha who predicted lot of current advancements. More and more telecom startups are coming up, and more and more are acquired by the giants like Cisco and Ciena especially in the optical arena. Would post a detailed info after observing their moves in the coming year, but for sure their share in all the areas are increasing providing the customers with variety to choose from.