I see achievers daily..

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I see them in papers, blogs.. these days even I bump into them in facebook..

Looks like they are born and not made for some people.. but I guess everyone can be made into what they want them to be. Atleast I think so. For some it might require less effort,.. for others it might require a lifetime of dedication. I always wanted to be an achiever.. never decided the field yet though 😛

Now that I have achieved some food for my thought today I sleep peacefully. I also understood that brain can also become obese sometimes unless we share the thoughts with others. Any thoughts gud or bad need to be shared with someone or other.. who knows people can tell “wat an idea sirji” and u may become a poster boy for some gud work 🙂


Counting ..


huh.. 4 months passed … away frm home.. waiting to get back home.. counting days.. dragging weeks and making it to months.. count count.. time fly now.. 😦