I wanted to sleep early today, as I am getting head aches when I sleep late. So I started this real good habit of early to bed.. and not so early to rise.. and it really helped me to get back a part of my lost health in this unknown land. Not sure who felt bad about this thought… I was making my bed at around 10:45-11pm and I got a call from offshore team mate.. call lasted only for few minutes.. I already had a feeling its going to be a long night.. then I got another call. then another call and then another and then another… finally I had to login to all my official emails and do some work around 12 am.. felt REALLY nice.. got some VERY motivating responses from people.. interesting I felt.. as I thought today evening I will blog about the rain .. finally am blogging about the pain. After all the hardwork, I get a single mail telling me “you are not good enough”, makes me sick.

Not sure if I get my sleep again as my head started to ache already..

Most of the times life is just unfair. Other times we just think unfair to be fair.. perceptions keeps us going. It wont keep us going for long, and sometimes we see the reality and step up (out?)