While everyone is watching Raavan and telling more and more about it, I watched the critically acclaimed “Angadi Theru” I am not comparing here both the films as its different in all perspective and I didn’t see Raavan to talk abt it much. This movie is not a cinema movie.. its a reality movie… most of the things shown in this movie I have seen during my visits to T.Nagar and I am able to relate to people there and shops easily as any chennai resident..

  I always felt there is something about the heroine of the movie. I remembered only sometime back that she is one who acted in kattrathu tamil opposite to Jeeva, which many didn’t like the movie for its dark content. But I kind of liked the realistic portrayal. Anjali is one of the very good actress in recent days, I hope she does similar movies like Angadi theru in future. Best performance, as it never felt like acting in even the most cinematic situations in the movie.. Hero is very much perfect for the role. After seeing lot of recent movies without much story/logic, this realistic story and performance stands out of the trend and the music blends with the movie, out of which my favorite number would be “Un Perai Sollum pothu..” Lyrics, music, camera, art direction, editing, everything needs appreciation, especially the director’s bold story line which might resemble real life characters. I have not seen the earlier 2 films of Vasantha Balan, but I guess I wont miss even one from the next movie.