I am not sure how people tend to work the same job again and again..

may be good money.. wat about using parts of the body.. i mean brain and other physical aids it has like eyes, hands..

May be people would have thought that I have quit my job and writing a positive thing about why I did it. No I didn’t quit.. yet..

I saw my job very much better and educative than what people up the ladder did in earlier days.. Now I don’t feel that way or the other way.. I dono looks like there is no other way.. Sometimes its just ok to continue doing what you are good at, but its also ok to do something else and see if that fits with the first ok sentence.. probably people don’t think u are smart unless you jump companies.. fight with manager.. prove your talent.. may be thats what many do and it works.. but I don’t think thats the way.. I always believe.. “watever is yours u will get it today or tomorrow” the more the delay the more the other side is getting distanced from me. ..

I woke up now after short nap and wanted to crap some stuff.. hope thats ok with ppl who read this..