Never goes as planned!


I wanted to sleep early today, as I am getting head aches when I sleep late. So I started this real good habit of early to bed.. and not so early to rise.. and it really helped me to get back a part of my lost health in this unknown land. Not sure who felt bad about this thought… I was making my bed at around 10:45-11pm and I got a call from offshore team mate.. call lasted only for few minutes.. I already had a feeling its going to be a long night.. then I got another call. then another call and then another and then another… finally I had to login to all my official emails and do some work around 12 am.. felt REALLY nice.. got some VERY motivating responses from people.. interesting I felt.. as I thought today evening I will blog about the rain .. finally am blogging about the pain. After all the hardwork, I get a single mail telling me “you are not good enough”, makes me sick.

Not sure if I get my sleep again as my head started to ache already..

Most of the times life is just unfair. Other times we just think unfair to be fair.. perceptions keeps us going. It wont keep us going for long, and sometimes we see the reality and step up (out?)


Angadi Theru


    While everyone is watching Raavan and telling more and more about it, I watched the critically acclaimed “Angadi Theru” I am not comparing here both the films as its different in all perspective and I didn’t see Raavan to talk abt it much. This movie is not a cinema movie.. its a reality movie… most of the things shown in this movie I have seen during my visits to T.Nagar and I am able to relate to people there and shops easily as any chennai resident..

  I always felt there is something about the heroine of the movie. I remembered only sometime back that she is one who acted in kattrathu tamil opposite to Jeeva, which many didn’t like the movie for its dark content. But I kind of liked the realistic portrayal. Anjali is one of the very good actress in recent days, I hope she does similar movies like Angadi theru in future. Best performance, as it never felt like acting in even the most cinematic situations in the movie.. Hero is very much perfect for the role. After seeing lot of recent movies without much story/logic, this realistic story and performance stands out of the trend and the music blends with the movie, out of which my favorite number would be “Un Perai Sollum pothu..” Lyrics, music, camera, art direction, editing, everything needs appreciation, especially the director’s bold story line which might resemble real life characters. I have not seen the earlier 2 films of Vasantha Balan, but I guess I wont miss even one from the next movie.



Who pays the price??

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I guess the image talks for itself..

Hope there is no “Elephant park” movie after few centuries..

Answer is mostly simple

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A kangaroo kept getting out of his enclosure at the zoo.
Knowing that he could hop very high, the zoo officials put up a ten-foot fence.

He was out the next morning, just wandering around the zoo.
A twenty-foot fence was put up. Again he go out.

When the fence was forty feet high, a camel in the next enclosure asked the kangaroo, “How high do you think they’ll go?”

The kangaroo said, “Pretty high, unless somebody figures out to lock the gate at night!” Thanks to

Sometimes the answers for the tough questions and weird puzzles are very simple 🙂

Missing as always!

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I am not sure if we could have done a knee replacement to my granny earlier.. she was getting worse day by day…

After I read this story in news paperI do not know why I feel the guilt.

During her final stages her thigh bone was fractured and we had to take her to hospital. Until we took her to hospital we were not aware that she was suffering from fracture. Once the fracture was fixed with a very complicated surgery we came to know that fluid in her lungs is not helping her breathe and also other vital organs started to collapse creating serious problems. She was 92. We did not know what to do as we always depend on her suggestions and thoughts. Finally we parted with her, and she still remains with us always as the ever loved one.

Time, money, youth may fade… our respect and love towards my granny never fades away. In couple of months it will almost be an year after her loss.. still I feel it as yesterday and I couldn’t come out of the grief the moment I think about her. Not sure if this is even natural for people to feel the loss even after an year. But it all looks fresh to me.

Her hand used to be so soft and cold. I still remember the days when I come back home from office to her and we keep discussing how she is still beautiful and smart. Though she was not able to walk much her face was always bright and welcomed everyone home with her beautiful warm phrases. She was always religious but yet modern with all the latest headlines around the world. She was very much interested in cricket and we used to watch all the matches with her, she always gives the better commentary than the original match commenter. We can never forget the days we both tried to understand what an LBW was and how wide and no ball are sometimes missed by umpires when we needed crucial runs.

I really miss her and understand how it feels to loose people to death 😦

ok and not ok

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I am not sure how people tend to work the same job again and again..

may be good money.. wat about using parts of the body.. i mean brain and other physical aids it has like eyes, hands..

May be people would have thought that I have quit my job and writing a positive thing about why I did it. No I didn’t quit.. yet..

I saw my job very much better and educative than what people up the ladder did in earlier days.. Now I don’t feel that way or the other way.. I dono looks like there is no other way.. Sometimes its just ok to continue doing what you are good at, but its also ok to do something else and see if that fits with the first ok sentence.. probably people don’t think u are smart unless you jump companies.. fight with manager.. prove your talent.. may be thats what many do and it works.. but I don’t think thats the way.. I always believe.. “watever is yours u will get it today or tomorrow” the more the delay the more the other side is getting distanced from me. ..

I woke up now after short nap and wanted to crap some stuff.. hope thats ok with ppl who read this..