This is wat I hear whenever I catch up with something bad which i cannot change. People tell me to just move on as it is part of life. I couldn’t at most of the time.. that when everyone call me and my thoughts as old. Sometimes it is, but how do we tell something is new and old.. just by the time it has lived.. and when someone is dead.. we mourn .. if we keep mourning people tell us the same “move on” and  our thoughts which we have for the dead person need to be fixed. hmm… whatever people try to tell.. something just stays with us forever.. like the habit of biting nails.. or reading a book while eating..

May be everyone doesn’t be sad or look sad.. or they keep things to their heart always. We are forced to celebrate festivals.. though my intention is just to think about the people who cared and not with me today. Not sure whether the force festive mood works well. For some people it does.. people who relish festivities more than anything else..!

Writing or thinking abt something/someone who is gone doesnt bring them back.. at the least we can get the thoughts running into those humorous moments shared.. teh most exciting thing I always feel about human mind is the ability to imagine and bring back moment in real HD quality.. hope still we have time for those who had time for us …

First new year without the most important person in my life. The one without whom I would have never learnt anything..! Life doesn’t always move on.. Many times we just don’t look in rear view mirror.. we get out of the car and look back.. even if it is for a moment.. it helps us through the rest of the journey.. not sure everyone will understand this.. only people who are through the tougher road will get the idea quick and clear..