We had some time killing presentation about the companies policy and other stuff.. finally they started to tell us we are Criminals (who dont excel in work) .. the smart interpreter in front of us started to tell that whatever we were doing .. slogging to accomplish is only a drop in the expected ocean. Its also told to us that even if we work 48/14 we cannot even come close to their expectation, no idea why they wanted to tell us that fact in first place.. no idea…. :O .

           Finally this year there was no increase in the pay cheque and there is always increase in no of emails with loads of work.. always makes me to re-think as I never wanted this kind of de-motivating job.. when I look around everyone seemed to be happy about their work, no complains everyone sometimes even felt they dono much and they are paid ok to lead their life. Its kind of interesting that I had aim to get into such job when i was n school/college.. life is wierd and aims are not always fulfilling… and no idea why no one wants to change the path when they are half way around and most of it meets an end where we keep a shop and settle down without even knowing we know to walk ahead..

           Why do we need to talk, give opinions.. when our words are barely counted.. better save energy to sing our fav song later πŸ˜€