This guy is pathetic.. not becas he s trustfully illiterate about his work.. but he thinks otherwise 😛

So he has this simple temperament of pleasing his boss by watever stupid/idiotic work he can do. And thats the funny part we always look out for. He called me up today to chk up some stupid stuff which is not so important as I will be joining work tomoro after a brief sick instinct.

Not sure why we have this intelligent gadget called mobile phones. This guy called up my dad and asked my current landline number and called me up and asked the crappy unimportant questions. It was weird as i was not aware that he made a call to my dad. So when I knew this later today i was totally out of my mind and logged into my webmail to check wat so important he needed. Its crappier than his call.

Such people in my office make me re-think about going to work everyday! It isn’t their fault that I still have some sense to understand his non-sense. Hope I get a no nonsense job…. and it always stays as a dream as it does always…!