People always feel happy to talk whatever they want .. hardly few think about the implications that it causes in other person’s emotional outcome. Age, sex, money.. nothing matters.. I see people with foul mouths daily.. and even though I try to think that its only my perception .. and  try to put myself to their shoes.. I still see that I wont talk that way if I am in any such situation..

Finally I come to see really ill faced smart people.. who are looked up as big guys/gals.. some people ofcourse like them.. dono whether their behavior is bad only to me… or they are trying to teach me a lesson.. God Knows.. Me dono.

And it really hurts when people talk bad about the people you love and they tell you its just for fun. It doesn’t hurt only at the time they talk.. it hurts whenever I think about them. Its weird that I have to face such people so often in my good and bad times. It doesn’t take a split second to contaminate my mind and mouth like theirs to teach them a lesson, still feel that I couldn’t do it. I feel better I didn’t do the same way, I feel really good thinking Am far better than the filthy mind such people have. Hope I stay the same way. Gud that I am occupied with work, rather than dealing with such people. Kind of blessing in disguise stuff..