It was a normal day.. finally it ended to be a very terrible one. I don’t need any reminders to remember what effect this day this year has caused in my life. One great mind, closest to my heart passed away, and I couldn’t do anything, except treasure the memories.

Death makes us feel how little and helpless we are. We are nothing but just idle watchers. This really makes me pathetic when the closest people move away and its really hard to face the absence as reality and proceed with the life as if nothing has happened. If you are grief stricken people call you sentimental.. if that goes more than the expected time we are named mental.. so hardly I talk about what makes me feel sad, as people really don’t care the impact its having on me. Everyone want me to be practical or watever you name it to forget dead people.. So I stopped talking about it to people who ask me to forget.

No one can understand, no one can even come close to understanding. It is not the same grief to everyone and it holds the same to joy.

Hope not to talk about the people to other people.. which is the cause of everything.. better to keep it within the mind.. which is like un failing gmail having all the conversations in order with lot of memory 🙂