I met this shutdown guy, who is kool and funny, and intelligent, yet faces failures throughout his life and most of it is circumstantial, I just couldn’t resist, but to ask him

“Hey, how can u ever move on with such things happening?”

he was al in his smiles and told me

“I always wanted to end my life, but whenever I tried to put it into action, I got motivated to live by simple things like kid walking past me smiling, or the older guy giving me swami prasad or my frends making my day more beautiful.. I just think one sec that is dying worth sacrificing all these beautiful things? and my answer was always a No”

I just couldnt react, was looking wierd at him..

he continued.. “I know why you are asking this, you desperately want to see me successful, but you couldn’t do anything about it, but you still want to be for me, and make me understand that, and I know that long before .. 🙂 and I don’t want to dissapoint friends like you”

Ya, shutdown guy, he always reboots ..

At times we too need to reboot, and get things back to normal. Rebooting kills unwanted processes that we have started long back and has only default stuff goin on, sameway we might also want to end up unwanted stuff like our ego, complex etc which would be taking too much of our memory, becas all these weren’t our default functionality, and we are better off without them 🙂