It all gets the name wierd since I wouldn’t dare to describe work/expectations the other way.

So lets see..

guy who never talks -> thinks BIG of himself, God knows wat he knows.. he he

guy who talks sometimes -> oh he s just hi bye kind.. huh

guy talks most of the time -> huh, could you just shut up, we are here to work boss and yes are we are done hearing ur crap.

So, one day the guy questions himself why the world is always expecting something that we are not?? oops he was thinking bit too loudly tat his team mate over heard it. Tat other cranky guy couldnt possibly stop from adding his words, which made me think more about how wierd its to watch ppls actions/thoughts but at the end of the day it does teach something worthwhile.

The fun part is both of them dono who I am and I was watching them 😛 other fun part is I was watching that gang for quiet sometime since its kind of interesting to understand how creepy and cranky ppl get when they are out of their mood 😉