This is the movie created with great hype.. and I ended up watching it yesterday.. only to conclude I didn’t feel the emotional touch which I felt in Nandha. All Bala’s movies are tragic and that was not the problem to accept the climax or the portrayal of the beggars, but in the movie atleast for few moments we (art lovers) tend to forget ourselves and involve in the storyline or characterization or even a simple dialogue.. but in this movie, though I don’t have much of negatives to list down, I always felt, that pinch of emotion in Nandha was missing. Hope Bala comes up with a better one next time.

Not to mention the background score was gud and I couldn’t figure out what was the visual effects in the movie since in the end they were listing bunch of ppl/company for the same. May be a “Making of…” will shed some light.

Arya -> Didn’t make me forget his previous roles, though there was some acting here and there with his eyes, its Pooja who scored marks without it. But It still makes me compare with Nandha Surya where I was able to forget the previous roles Surya played while watching this movie.

May be it would have been a better one if there was no expectations from my end! I liked the Shiva song which comes initially in the movie 🙂