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Talking Part or working part..


There are few people I see daily who talk a lot.. and lot means really lot and it just irritates me like a mosquito singing thru my ear drums!

I still don’t understand why we need to talk for 1 hr to understand something rather than figuring the things which hardly takes 5 mins. I am always for talking to ask for routes, when we get lost.. but talking to establish a point, talking to bluff people,.. talking just because we can talk.. and talking just because someone listens to you.. it isn’t a great idea atleast in a professional life and it pisses off people like me who really love some silence in work place.

He1: Hey how did u? where did u do? why did u do? and can u do this for me? and helo i like ur pen too.. and ofcourse hows this movie?

She1: Its done.

I am always She1 and I hate making conversations for which we already have the results in table. So it also means that I don’t talk to my managers after they decide my pay check.

Then comes the mouthpiece guys.. who troll around opice just because they are doing the daily chores of their manager. So here comes He1 again.

He1: hey, he2 asked you about the work he2 to gave to she2. Can you talk to him?

[after a min]

He1: hey, he2 wants to.. blah blah blah…

[after 30 min]

He1: hey, he2 actually…

She1: Hey can you let me work, so that I can do what he told me rather listening what he told you? @#@#

But He1 never stops, looks like he gets the name gajini, better than Aamir khan himself :-X

People like him remind me of how sick work place can become! huh!