Today is the last day of this calendar yr.. Though tere is lot hype created around this new yr stuff.. I exactly dono the impact it has in everyone’s life except for the change in the yr in their calendars.. and ofcourse ppl get older 😛 But calendars are gud actually.. they come in different colors, sizes, shapes and ofcourse with astrology predictions.. and wat not… even explanation abt tat particular day.. hmm.. when I jus sit around here lazing and thinking about the new yr and great/bad stuff happened in the last yr.. thats quiet a lot.. to say..

-> I wanted to quit my job and since I didn’t get any job I changed my team, the least tat can be done! (I also want my manager to quit, but I don think he gives a try to that thought! 😛 )

-> I learned a lot abt *people* as we do always in all part of our life, in a harder way

-> I donated a lot of money this year without anyone’s knowledge than I ever thought..

-> I got my first credit card this yr.. finally one bank trusted me, while many rejected my application 😐

-> I changed my mobile since I lost mine 3 yr old one in my friend’s wedding 😦 and this new one costed 6k, which many of my colleagues think its old fashioned.

-> I stopped visiting for time pass, which always ended up asking ppl at home for some junk digital stuff, which ofcourse costs a fortune according to them.

-> hey, Chandrayaan was launched on my birthday 😛

-> I stopped working for 15 hrs a day and started sleeping 15 hrs a day

-> I understood how wrigley’s double mint becomes sticky when I keep it under my shelf for 6 months 😦

-> I figured out I won’t die if there is no internet!

-> My room is air-conditioned finally!

-> I concluded that I wont be able to read any book completely – after wasting lot of money in buying and stacking them

-> I understood at some point that money isn’t making me happy anymore!

This list goes on and I think there are yet more *understood* *figure-out* *concluded* *learned* needs to happen this yr too.. life need to move on whatever it is and I think it does teaches everyone its lesson dues at the proper instant! Only way is to have our senses open to Learn!