It always looked to me that there are 2 things which impact my life, others cheating me and me getting cheated.. the 2 things are the same, but only the perspective differs.

In case 1: Others cheating me, it happens jus like that and leaves a hole much more serious in the personal front, looks like these ppl are *professionals* in their job!

In case 2: me getting cheated, I get cheated, thinking the outcome will be in my favor, which ofcourse doesnt work in my favor, as am finally getting cheated!

So after few years of dealing with ppl, I tried to avoid case 2, but case 1 looks like an incremental model, in all phases of life I have someone to implement case 1. So final solution is to remove the factor creating case 1, that is the “Others” which ofcourse is not possible since I don’t live in a moon! Huh!

I was told its a dog’s life afterall, feeling sorry since it finally turns out to be a dog-eat-dog one!

Note: That was a bluff, hopefully! and its raining today!