Content Stealing :-O


Jus had dinner in my apartment new yr celebrations.. and seeing here a shocking stuff..

This site just ctrl+c ctrl+v one of my blog article into their site without any proper licensing, I didn’t mind that much initially.. but the content is just the exact copy, no modifications nothing.. hey the author of the site could hav just mailed me if he wanted to have my article in his website 😐 and the website looks like some ad junction, so sure he s making money, I think he missed to see the licensing in the sidebar for my articles.. The person there wanted to maintain the site like the following:

“All rights reserved.” at the end of the page.. but never minds copying .. looks like ppl still are interested n copy cat, :-S

I found no way to contact that author atleast though the site.. huh..


008 – its over!


Today is the last day of this calendar yr.. Though tere is lot hype created around this new yr stuff.. I exactly dono the impact it has in everyone’s life except for the change in the yr in their calendars.. and ofcourse ppl get older 😛 But calendars are gud actually.. they come in different colors, sizes, shapes and ofcourse with astrology predictions.. and wat not… even explanation abt tat particular day.. hmm.. when I jus sit around here lazing and thinking about the new yr and great/bad stuff happened in the last yr.. thats quiet a lot.. to say..

-> I wanted to quit my job and since I didn’t get any job I changed my team, the least tat can be done! (I also want my manager to quit, but I don think he gives a try to that thought! 😛 )

-> I learned a lot abt *people* as we do always in all part of our life, in a harder way

-> I donated a lot of money this year without anyone’s knowledge than I ever thought..

-> I got my first credit card this yr.. finally one bank trusted me, while many rejected my application 😐

-> I changed my mobile since I lost mine 3 yr old one in my friend’s wedding 😦 and this new one costed 6k, which many of my colleagues think its old fashioned.

-> I stopped visiting for time pass, which always ended up asking ppl at home for some junk digital stuff, which ofcourse costs a fortune according to them.

-> hey, Chandrayaan was launched on my birthday 😛

-> I stopped working for 15 hrs a day and started sleeping 15 hrs a day

-> I understood how wrigley’s double mint becomes sticky when I keep it under my shelf for 6 months 😦

-> I figured out I won’t die if there is no internet!

-> My room is air-conditioned finally!

-> I concluded that I wont be able to read any book completely – after wasting lot of money in buying and stacking them

-> I understood at some point that money isn’t making me happy anymore!

This list goes on and I think there are yet more *understood* *figure-out* *concluded* *learned* needs to happen this yr too.. life need to move on whatever it is and I think it does teaches everyone its lesson dues at the proper instant! Only way is to have our senses open to Learn!

Last out of a theater..

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Its often rare to see me watching a movie in theater and alone, never happened..!

But I like one thing with theaters, that too movie which are less crowded, with countable heads.. and I often end up doing everything else than watching the movie, -> eating, sleeping, thinking, watching others, checking my mobile, and its junk settings, and ofcourse trailors of new movies which are yet to be released… and I like this thing, going out of the theater after everyone else has gone, it kind of gives satisfaction for watching the movie to fullest, though I might not have even watched *important* turning points and punch dialogues, But I like to watch the titles scrolling, it means a great experience unless we are a part of it. Every artist likes to see his/her name in his work. Titles means more than the movie itself for them and for me it means watching the movie *completely* …!

Accidental Husband! :)


I liked this part in the movie than anything else 🙂 It was a total surprise to see a tamil song in an Hollywood movie, leave alone music track, the complete lyrics ! thats the interesting part. It has more of an Indian touch to it, and as a fan of Uma Thurman .. always seen her around blood n kill bill parts. In the middle of the movie where Dr.Emma runs out of the Patrick’s house, we hear another song from alaipayuthe. And interesting part is they have given the credit to ARR.. which ppl frm our industry should learn.. gud one to watch.. not the best one.. but watever we don’t need best n everything 😛

Perspective – still the same!

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I just happened to check a caste based youth forum, weirdest thing, I know but can’t help to read aka think abt polls in such forums.. – leave the name of caste/religion, one poll there was interesting:

Question: Agree with intercaste marriage -> Yes/ No

Response for No is slightly higher than yes, but what I felt disturbing is to read the following responses from 2 voters:

He1: As we know how cultural difference harm a person attitude. Think about you before you step into to life, Hope first you will think, how to safe guard your family through out your life on your shoulder.Do you think other caste people will safe guard our innocent girls on similar fashion.

Just wanted to tell He1: yup, cultural diff shocks.. but caste difference doesnt shock. Culture depends on outlook of the person, not the name of the caste in his docs!

He2: marriages among all x caste is well and good…its actually nice too but no other caste should be entertained…it actually spoils our culture….

Hey He2: So u r cool abt castea1 pal marrying castea2 pal, but casteb1 guy shouldn’t marry castea1 gal.. idea is kool.. only thing is its kind of adam-eve old fashioned.

Is it not time just to stop talking about such crap and let individuals decide whats gud for their life and wats not? I think there are lot of he1s & she1s who are proud abt their caste/creed/community/color! (wat the heck!).. ok kool.. but stop RANTING if someone takes the road not taken.

Note: Am not angry with individuals, angry only with the way they feel intelligent and educated with such opinions!

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It always looked to me that there are 2 things which impact my life, others cheating me and me getting cheated.. the 2 things are the same, but only the perspective differs.

In case 1: Others cheating me, it happens jus like that and leaves a hole much more serious in the personal front, looks like these ppl are *professionals* in their job!

In case 2: me getting cheated, I get cheated, thinking the outcome will be in my favor, which ofcourse doesnt work in my favor, as am finally getting cheated!

So after few years of dealing with ppl, I tried to avoid case 2, but case 1 looks like an incremental model, in all phases of life I have someone to implement case 1. So final solution is to remove the factor creating case 1, that is the “Others” which ofcourse is not possible since I don’t live in a moon! Huh!

I was told its a dog’s life afterall, feeling sorry since it finally turns out to be a dog-eat-dog one!

Note: That was a bluff, hopefully! and its raining today!

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