Looks like that.. taking 10hrs to respond to a terrorist attack in all ways connected city.. tats looks bad. Really bad!

I think Indian Govt outsourced their intelligence task to some terrorist organization.. while *they* did the planning, we just sit out here and do the math about the dead and injured and the compensations they receive. Now since they picked rich guys as hostages, the compensation is the least of the worries as it cant be paid in $ and #

Tuned into Tvs and ppl just talking abt wat needs to be done.. but no doing.. jus talking.. and me just writing..?!

I just cant stop updating with this

“Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil on Saturday kicked off a row when he said “such small incidents happen” with reference to terror attacks in Mumbai.”

==> I doubt he would even talk if he is one of the *small* ??

Terrorists/criminals and ofcourse fools aren’t from other places.. huh we hav already elected them.. we don’t need terrorists to kill us. these guys can do it in a better way, without a weapon and finally get paid from our pocket !