I have seen people really skeptical about my idea of not reading anything.. anything means, any book which has more than 20-30 pages.. so tat includes news papers and throw away journals.. but I have already heard frm people .. that reading is gud, nice, thrilling.. etc.. but I am very incompetent in that factor. I couldn’t read a complete book, be it for academics or be it any story book kind of stuff.. wasn’t really gud at tat.. while in college days.. all the gals around me lurk around having some colored book in their hands.. it looked so weird at least to me .. then I started watching movies, all the gals, who come in the movie was associated with some reading material..

If I checked out some tamil movie, the lead lady will be having some book n her hand reading all time (am not talking abt sonia agarwal n 7g.. having Java book or Kanika in 5*) things change.. but the books and gals never changed in any scenario.. when I talk with 4 gals.. often looks like they start talking about the books that they read.. may be they are scholastic and intelligent.. but I still don’t understand why its so interesting than a movie.. watching a movie/documentary equally thrills me. I even tried to load my desk with books and force read them, but I felt really bored, i jus skipped many chapters inbetween and went to the last one (did it when my sis got me a Hitler bio.. i couldn’t get the head or tail in that.. till now since its half read n all chapters!)

Ah hmmm… I understand now.. how reading feels.. jus that I feel more happy in writing than reading.. I don hav a video blog and I have a written blog.. and that’s really interesting that I don’t have an image in this post, while I brag abt movies and images. Life is kind of weird 😛 I think writing gives me equal pleasure in what others get in reading.. as always Reading still remains a complete mystery, atleast to me ~!@#