Life sometimes teaches us a lot of stuff, which we never expect to learn. And for me the one big thing is how tricky and cunning a human mind can get when it comes to money, power, name, and sometimes even for nothing.. yes absolutely nothing.

I meet people daily who somehow teach me that am very bad n thinking tricky stuff.. resulting in me being fooled ethically and professionally. Life needs it all afterall its for tat experience we are still keeping up and pulling things along..

I just have someone ringing a bell n my mind and asking me “How long u are going to allow such people, so incompetent to think u as crap?” Huh, I replied, “Let those people figure that out!, not me as I have lot more stuff to bother about”

And something helps me => Good Laugh & a Great movie and an uninterrupted sleep for around 10-15 hrs 🙂