I was reminded by arch that i missed this bday post sometime last week..
so thought i would do it now..

This time wanted to check wat all happened except for a funny event of my birth 2 decades ago..
List of events is updated in wiki as we know.. it didn’t have my birth as an event though..

Lets come to the interesting part of it.. people born on the same day.. 😛

Many ppl in the list were artists (poets, actress, and ppl of that kind..) rest were studious academicians.. and few emperors..
One person who might interest my frends* might be shaggy

This yr to my surprise we had a mini cake cutting stuff n opice. The cake wasnt great but i liked the look and feel though! Last yr i went to office after a 2 week broken (!!?) vacation and barely anyone remembered my birthday there, and I was happy abt it though as getting attention frm ppl is not my area of expertise! though few in my team are born for that purpose :P..

On birthdays of so called great ppl prisoners were released.. so I thought I too can release someone, i took some ants and put them out of my house 😛

So the list finally:


In Person: 14
Phone: 9 ( 1 missed call? )
Orkut: 25+
email: 5+ ( dono !)