Its kind of surprise to the entire media and cricket fans.. esp fans like me and arch 😦
But it has to come one day and that day is coming sooner.

I lost track of cricketing series few months back, when IPL was over. Felt it to be boring sometimes.. may be that becas the team I support, locals or nationals kept loosing again and again.. 😦

Back to Sourav.. The one match I couldn’t forget or rather made me his fan was the Match against Pakistan in Bangladesh tri series. I don have the statistics (date/time) of the match. India had a 300+ target and sourav hit a massive 124 to save us frm perishing 🙂 That was really a nice match, everyone including then 80+ yr old paati watching it with complete focus, so that we don even change the channel for ads 😀 And as everyone does it was through wonderful matches he took the team towards the world cup last time… sry last before !

I don’t think he will become a coach or a commentator , easy careers for the retired cricketers, not becas he s a prince of kolkatta.. but jus that it wont be his ground to show the talent. I can never imagine him to stand in the center of the stadium interviewing other cricketers like Ravi Shastri or Srikanth and asking questions which were asked to him like “how did u feel after scoring an 100?” …

Though he was always around controversies, finally did show his potential in the pitch and made his point there than anywhere else! 🙂

Hope to read his autobiography if at all he takes up writing as his career..