Well the FOOL part is really true.. ok this is how I come to *everybody* conclusion. I try to check with 3 ppl with varied perspectives and if 3 of them tell same thing abt an issue i consider their opinion as everybody’s opinion. And those 3 ppl were always frm different age groups and different localities and ofcourse as mentioned earlier, perspectives.

So here is wat happened with one of those ppl:

X1: Hey hi.. can u help me in formatting my resume? I have the interview in 2 days

Me: Sure .. send it

X1 sends a doc and waits

Me: Edits the doc, and adds some stuff, make some pointers and mail it back

X1: I cant open the file u mailed me now. It tells “windows cannot find an application to open your file”

Me, remember now that I use openffice. Told him same thing, he gets pissed and goes offline. I open his doc save in .doc format and mail him. He sends a msg telling me tat why am not having/using MS office and jus using some *crap*. To him I looked foolish for not following the trend.


Other 2 incidents were pretty too rude :-S so no bloggin abt them.. Finally me being branded as foolish geek without using windows and people still have the opinion, atleast over here in India that without having Microsoft windows in ur computer, u can’t do any computer related job.

Opensource needn’t be popular, free software needn’t be popular, but the piracy stuff atleast needs some popularity over here. Many of my frends, and ppl around have windows xp or 2000 cd and never did anyone pay for it, unless it comes with laptop. Why so much confusion and illegality, when u hav something more safe and better which comes with very less hassile and u hav ppl around the world helping u.. I still dont understand.


And I run gnu software in my laptop for the past 2 weeks, and literally no issues with anything, except tat I am yet to configure my wifi thing here. I also intend to not format this stuff for atleast an yr. And here is a sample screenshot..