Everyone thinks am a FOOL :|


Well the FOOL part is really true.. ok this is how I come to *everybody* conclusion. I try to check with 3 ppl with varied perspectives and if 3 of them tell same thing abt an issue i consider their opinion as everybody’s opinion. And those 3 ppl were always frm different age groups and different localities and ofcourse as mentioned earlier, perspectives.

So here is wat happened with one of those ppl:

X1: Hey hi.. can u help me in formatting my resume? I have the interview in 2 days

Me: Sure .. send it

X1 sends a doc and waits

Me: Edits the doc, and adds some stuff, make some pointers and mail it back

X1: I cant open the file u mailed me now. It tells “windows cannot find an application to open your file”

Me, remember now that I use openffice. Told him same thing, he gets pissed and goes offline. I open his doc save in .doc format and mail him. He sends a msg telling me tat why am not having/using MS office and jus using some *crap*. To him I looked foolish for not following the trend.


Other 2 incidents were pretty too rude :-S so no bloggin abt them.. Finally me being branded as foolish geek without using windows and people still have the opinion, atleast over here in India that without having Microsoft windows in ur computer, u can’t do any computer related job.

Opensource needn’t be popular, free software needn’t be popular, but the piracy stuff atleast needs some popularity over here. Many of my frends, and ppl around have windows xp or 2000 cd and never did anyone pay for it, unless it comes with laptop. Why so much confusion and illegality, when u hav something more safe and better which comes with very less hassile and u hav ppl around the world helping u.. I still dont understand.


And I run gnu software in my laptop for the past 2 weeks, and literally no issues with anything, except tat I am yet to configure my wifi thing here. I also intend to not format this stuff for atleast an yr. And here is a sample screenshot..




If you are looking for a thriller with only mind games and if you did like movies like beautiful mind,  this wil b gud one to watch. Its rated as thriller, but I jus feel it as a gud screenplay.. but am not quite happy with the ending though. Hero guy looks like the spiderman with glasses.

The sad thing is that the film didnt actually end but the title came up on the screen. They can make a part 2 out of it with much better actors, who not only give shocking look but can also do some acting. I liked the movie anyway since I wasnt able to predict the climax.

Made (Maid) of honor

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This is a real funny movie.. and its gud to watch ur best frend too 😉

2 shots which was distinct

–> “Iam happy, if u are happy”

–> “Anytime is gud time :)”

And this movie is a gud one to watch on a saturday nite.. but the thing is today is wednesday and got to work tomoro 😦

Life changes no matter What !


Ya.. I understand sometimes why people tell except the word change everything else changes. Looks like change is inevitable.. no matter what, things change, only thing that we can hope is its all for Gud. Read once in an old news paper ( I used to read old news papers-back issues) Bad things do have gud effects.. It makes us strong, and we don’t panic when the actual real bad thing happens.

But something needs clarity.. why bad things happen to gud people.. or the people we think gud r really bad..

I know something which can giv better answer for such things.. Time.. and the clock is ticking for everyone and hope we are in sync with what we wanted to do with it.

In Love with Xterms?


As the test script was still executing and it would take 2 hrs to complete, I was just thinking, what made me sit and watch this scary script .. and I found the answer.. Its the neat solaris xterm and nothing else. I was n love with it, and the way it works perfectly out of box 😀

My love to xterms date back to 2004 where I was trying to fix and figure what this tool was. And finally one day I knew all the options for it, and I just love it. Xterms rock big time! That love to xterms made me think abt installing Arch linux n laptop, which is actually packed and kept inside waiting for its keyboard change. May be after the keyboard change there could be OS change too.


Arch Linux


Planning to install this stuff n my laptop, once I get the keyboard fixed n it..

why this distro?

Not becas we hav same name, but looks like it might help me learn something 🙂

I am planning for this probably this weekend if possible.. My desktop might end up something like this 😛