Last year I just heard ppl telling me …

sumone: “Hey wat are ur plans for independence day weekend..??” though the country is alien to me, I was wondering why people are planning so much for one day holiday.. whereas back home, it was a mini Flag hosting in school days and a mere holiday with junk food == independence day/republic day watever.. never ever thought it meant so much..

But there is something different from this year.. no I am not goin to quit my *job* and sell flags door to door or relocate to kashmir to fly doves.. hmm.. but I am planning something.. lets see how things move..

I am still goin to sleep late and wake at the next day noon.. its never goin to change.. atleast the first half of the sentence.. till there is no power cut.. at nights.. 😉

Wish everyone out there..! Have a HappY Independence Day!

Let this HappYness be felt, not just pursued.. 🙂

And I love this pic for this day, other than other flashy parades and digital arts.. !