xyz works in ttt company for almost 3 yrs with Boss..

Before Appraisal:

Boss: Hi xyz

xyz: Hi

Boss: xzy, How is your health these days?

xyz: ya , Am doing good..

Boss: You are leaving early rite?

xyz: yes, last 2 days I left on time, today might take some time

Boss: your stuff is delivered rite?

xyz: ya its almost done 🙂

Boss: ok, did u see that client mentioned we are not gud testers!

xyz: (crap, I know it long back!) ya I saw that…

Boss: So where did we miss? (Let him tell something, I almost forgot everything about this project!)

xyz: Not sure will check it out. 😦

Boss: Looks like your team needs help, stretch a bit more and help them!!

xyz: (typing the reply)

Boss: Bye

xyz: <confused>

Stretches back all the weekends for 4 months together and spoils health and ofcourse social life! to ensure some abc earns m^n $

After Appraisal:

Boss: xyz, ur appraisal is done, check my comments and let me know if you are having any issues..

xyz: (with high hopes!) sure.. 🙂 (happily opens the web page!)

  • Team Work: Not Meeting Expectation
  • Technical competency: Poor, Needs improvement, not able to handle issues independently
  • Work/Job: Can do better blah blah blah BLAH
  • Quality: Must improve
  • Overall Rating: Meeting Expectation

xyz becomes angry, confused.. and waits for the salary hike letter..

Here comes the PDF with all financial jargons! >>

Congratulations xyz,

Company is pleased to give you 1/ hike considering your sincere and highly competent work. This will reflect in your salary after 3 months.


BOSS of Boss