I have always wondered how history helps.. anyway its ‘over and out’ but I was dumb.. history is better than any high profile novel ever existed.. its actually the truth in most of the cases, that makes it more interesting..

I am not gud at history in school days which involved jus remembering years and eras of some unknown kings or empires.. But lately .. much engrossed to Russian/European dictators.. and tried to read everything about them.. Knowing how things “were” was/is always exciting to me in the first place. Be it Karl Marx or Hitler, everyone impressed me by being the way they are, no wonder I watch history channel lot more than SS music!

So, wats new? Now the latest addiction looks like Einstein’s Relativity.. trying to relate it to myself and the world around me, will that work? or did he find something which is not useful (oops he s a nobel prizeee!) atleast for non metric person like me! So was checking out what he got to say about relativity, found many books in all ranges both pages and price too.. ! Poor me, can just read the pdfs I get online.. one book looks gud, costs 800 bucks though.. will see if the pdfs are real interesting, I might get the original one too, looks like its better than the Davinci code 😛

Was wondering why the Physics teachers never tell students about things like this, which brings interest in the subject not merely some planck’s constant problems & solutions which fetches marks in High school!