It can be a different experience , if you are not afraid of so cald dark nite creatures.. vampires, ghosts etc..

I just listen to the latest fav song, just thinking what I have gone through these days.. one single word stands out.. friends!

So wat it is like to miss your friends when they are so near, yet away.. last few years hav gone very fast and just now I got some vetti time to think it.. For everyone college life would rather end up as fun, romance, or even with simple sadness ( am not talking about the arrear papers šŸ˜› LOL) but I am just left with some memories of many ppl, but still I am not able to figure out those are happy ones or sad ones.. but it always feels good to remember ppl in later part of life.. no no am not in my sixties.. šŸ™‚

I joined a college and was put up in college hostel…  Hmm… it was a great life.. and the one I laughed lots than ever in my life. It was a place of everything ( i mean insects too) but I loved it.. be it scaring the gal sleeping next to me or sleeping in hostel when classes are in progress without anyones knowledge or making the place dirty with all my assignment papers.. or acting innocent for something I did which screwed up seniors who are searching my roomies for it šŸ˜› everything just looks like dream. Now all my room mates in the hostel are not in touch with me, but I still keep track of them through some source or the other.. Not that I don want to break the ice.. but there is no ice .. but lot of mist which makes people think something is there, even if it is not there ..

Why all this flashback suddenly… out of the blue one of my frend (x roomie) cald up and told another roomie s carrying and they (some bunch of new found frens) paying visit to her. And told me to be in touch.. No idea why ppl are calling up now, though I have an accessible phone number for the past 3 years, that too same number.. may be she also sat alone in dark sometime recently.. ! ??

And one more frend of mine was having bday in jan 20th, so just sent a bday wish.. but got a response which meant surprise + advice. May be people forget that everyone grow up sometime and can also have some stuff within skull to think abt.. Then I finally understood one point that whenever someone wishes for gud, then we should accept rather than contemplating with past and it hurts the otherside badly when wishes are thrashed or questioned.

Was watching dasavatharam with appa today.. and there was this once scene in which one char n the movie tells.. “Watever happens..! Life must go on!”.. I was suddenly getting the point about everything.. watever happy/sad .. whether love/hate.. life must go on.. since we might be of some help to someone.. someday..! and it might be anyday.. šŸ™‚ which could turn out to be a gud day šŸ˜€