Blog Stopper?


So, was jus thinking how long has it been since I blogged.. looks like a month now.. such huge gaps were part of blogging in gud (?) old college days.. but later after stepping into professional adulthood.. things changed.. I started blogging quite long stories which were part of my sleepless nights.. life was fun.. and look like I have crossed that part too..! Now ppl look up to me to take up responsibilities.. which I thought wouldn’t happen since I think I am still young (??) hehee…

Now my life moves on planning when to clean up my room, house, shelves, bathrooms… my lil scooty and everything.. and finally end up missing/messing my health.. don think my house is super clean/attractive these planning stuff was result of very bad display of home in recent days.. Next comes bill paying.. phone, insurance etc etc.. and looks like ppl n home are happy that I am there to take care of these things which are simple yet requires some sense of responsibility. Think I should reduce my working hours in coming days.. which means.. go out to office at the time when hands don burn off while riding scooty and return back when sun is still alive 🙂 which never happened in the past few months atleast, whether am working or not is never an issue anyways 😀 I am paid less than a call center rookee.. and I have stopped complaining about that, becas no use in complaining about things which are not in our hands and ofcourse money is not everything 🙂

Jus thought I will take a break from busy schedule and write some crap asusual.. and looks like we need a bigger home.. lot of stuffs.. I don have space even to hide them out.. big house means big money.. big money means better job (?) or job shift.. which cant happen becas of the above paragraph 🙂 And it looks like am realising I need some time for myself too, minus computers, computing. And it also looks* like I have gud interesting hobbies, which I never knew till now..

Planning to clean my table and have some icecream 😀


June 1st Never thought !


Ya , never thought its goin to be so interesting, argumentative, lossy, and lossssyyy….

Morning I was jus happy to get dressed to up to go and hav a look at my frens wedding some 30kms frm my home.. went there jus to see her drenched in sweat.. but looked happy though 😉 Was thinking how life changes within few mins.. and how ppl are so comfortable in accepting such changes.. so it was bit of thinking and talking time.. my gift went to the back stage of the couple and no idea where it was kept (??) anyway job well done , wished, no handshakes, tat was quiet interesting.. guy can shake his hands while gals cant.. no idea.. both hav hands though…!

after tat had some fud and started off to shopping.. got some stuff for 3 hrs.. legs gone for a toss .. then back home to see a bunch of guests.. family frends, relatives.. etc.. and all enquiries.. kind of bugging.. and I was planning to sleep when they leave.. then came a big plan to pack the dresses for the trip I have for the weekend.. Sleep gone. bit upset.. but then came the big blow.. my mobile was missing.. no idea where it was since house was such a mess with all plastic covers frm all kind of shops frm tnagar and pondi bazaar. Searched, searched, thought, rethought.. nothing worked.. it was making everyone in home go wild / blank and upset since my number was the one point contact for many of my frens and relatives.. tried callin customer care no response.. 😦

It didn’t stop there… had harsh, fierceful arguments regarding nothing with ppl n home.. skipped dinner.. felt hungry.. started watching the IPL finals till the end.. wat a match.. it was n nerves til the end and the team which I don like won..  😦

Day started high and ended low, hope it doesn’t continue for the rest of the week..!!!