It might be the case with many ppl.. we think he is a shit, and finally he ends up to be an angel.. and wat not.. I have all sorts of those wierd embarassing moments.. one came by today, when I was trying to ride back home in my dirty 2 wheeler, saw a guy jus setting up his helmet, jerkin, glasses and stuff for more than 10 mins in the stand.. I was jus walking towards to get to the place where mine was parked.. this guy looked as if he was going for a war and doing all kind of magic mafia tere.. but one thing I can notice is tat he didnt ever think anyone is watching him or will blog abt him at this hr.. hhehehe 🙂 as I told, life is wierd and also ppl..  ok back to the story.. he was not riding his bike, he jus sat over tat and started hearing songs from his player ( not able to see the brand.. else that would hav been the topic of it now 😛 ) was thinking wat the hell its already half past nine and this crap s sitting in parking lot over his (?) bike and hearing songs.. when I got closer.. I got the complete picture, he s actually waiting for his frend and was talking to his frend in his handsfree stuff and jus singing to him horribly “varuviya.. vara matia.. ilagati naan poiduven da.!” hahahaha too funny at tat hr..! then was jus remembering my fren singing the same song few months back.. fun part always stays.. with its own presence felt 🙂