Never knew I will b n a position as now.. where I don have any clue of my life or wat to do with it..

ok lets look frm outside a twenty something gal

kind of spending vetti time in movies and games, no improvement or high scope in the career involved.. no romantic relationship.. very strict and hard social circle where ppl are in single digits.. conversations in home jus involve about the fud and the plans abt the same.. finally ends up taking bigger, biggest responsibility in life.. and really is funny to see how ppl think abt me.. here goes the list

Mom  > How this innocent one wil survive in the world..

Dad > My lil gal s intelligent

Granny > Hope she becomes pious and marries some guy whos known in the family circle

Sis > When will she stop complaining abt her pay chk

Colleagues > How does she manages to come late and leave early and no one in office bothers abt it.. !

Supervisor > My sins are getting cleaned up.. where the hell she s frm!

Managers > Dumb stupid gal, of no use, but cant discard since tere r very few dumb ppl around

His Manager > No idea how this gal can be so stupid and manage to complete her work

Client > wat crap mail she sends.. always finding some way to make my job tuff day by day

hehehehe no idea still wat to do with this so cald life..!