I dono why tere s something called appraisal, a process in which we stupid engineers fil up gathering lot of data, having in mind what was done for the past one year.. kind of interesting.. finally it ends up with ur supervisor, who sometimes gives u better rating with better comments, finally u end up begging the group head and HR to complete the process to move ahead to ur hike or wat seems to be ur hike.. and then u end up receiving a pdf document with some figures which helps u to get a better home loan and worst take home salary than ur peer in the next company πŸ˜› 

After some minor and major gossips (which can be termed as R n D) we come to a conclusion tat a person who rarely worked or always wasted others time for all his/her issues is given better pay.. u are shocked, but cant react.. got to hide, since u got to be professional.. next year he s promoted with a better scale and band.. and u are still in the same job, same script, but u are appreciated too much whenever u approach ur manager.. al the tech stuff s got off frm u and the guy/gal who backs manager in meetings gets an onsite trip too.. and tats awsome.. engineers who tend to be engineers in their job become fools finally πŸ˜›

I didn’t write this since I filled my appraisal today πŸ™‚