It looks like I don have any such geometry in my life πŸ™‚

Looks wierd why I am happy about tat.. I am not a known face among family / frens.. when someone in my office was talking abt having a social life, I was thinking tat i was not aware of tat term .. in a practical sense of it atleast. And it was so interesting tat whoever was in my life likes to accept me for the same. Whenever I look outside, within someone’s chappals (why always shoes!) I feel tat I am different hehe in the negative sense… πŸ˜€

I dont have a big gang of frens, I don have great weekend bash as other sw proff does, and I am never comfortable in any functions or hangouts..! I once asked my fren wat does it take to develop a better social circle, he told me tat I need to jus stop talking to computers and rather talk to *real* people :/ sounded wierd though.. Its long since I spoke to someone other than I need to!

One small help could bring smile in a face of stranger, I was so lucky to see that on Friday, I dropped an old women some thing close to a km, she was so happy, that I was happy atleast till I came home, I cald up my frend to ask whether this is social circle, he was giving a gud lecture for 10 mins, I stil din get a point why this is not a social circle?! He told I got to take up some learners classes reg the same..! Interesting, I am a very poor student.. cant help it! I don think I will have any circle or square any time in my life.. hahhaha… I love to live a border less life! πŸ™‚