hot hotter hottest!

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Am not talking abt any sizzling performance of any actor/actress as the title might sound.. jus abt the temp here n chennai.. it shows around 33 to 35 in C these days.. but kind of scorching .. I have my windows open and the fan s n full speed .. and no nothing helps i sweat like a dog without any kind of gymnastic activity. 😦 daily dosage of water increased 4 times (usually its around 2 litres) now its around 8 to 10 litres and still i cant resist the heat.. no idea why this summer s  bugging me so much .. and not even May has started. !


No clue


Never knew I will b n a position as now.. where I don have any clue of my life or wat to do with it..

ok lets look frm outside a twenty something gal

kind of spending vetti time in movies and games, no improvement or high scope in the career involved.. no romantic relationship.. very strict and hard social circle where ppl are in single digits.. conversations in home jus involve about the fud and the plans abt the same.. finally ends up taking bigger, biggest responsibility in life.. and really is funny to see how ppl think abt me.. here goes the list

Mom  > How this innocent one wil survive in the world..

Dad > My lil gal s intelligent

Granny > Hope she becomes pious and marries some guy whos known in the family circle

Sis > When will she stop complaining abt her pay chk

Colleagues > How does she manages to come late and leave early and no one in office bothers abt it.. !

Supervisor > My sins are getting cleaned up.. where the hell she s frm!

Managers > Dumb stupid gal, of no use, but cant discard since tere r very few dumb ppl around

His Manager > No idea how this gal can be so stupid and manage to complete her work

Client > wat crap mail she sends.. always finding some way to make my job tuff day by day

hehehehe no idea still wat to do with this so cald life..!

Need for an appraisal in s/w(services) company..


I dono why tere s something called appraisal, a process in which we stupid engineers fil up gathering lot of data, having in mind what was done for the past one year.. kind of interesting.. finally it ends up with ur supervisor, who sometimes gives u better rating with better comments, finally u end up begging the group head and HR to complete the process to move ahead to ur hike or wat seems to be ur hike.. and then u end up receiving a pdf document with some figures which helps u to get a better home loan and worst take home salary than ur peer in the next company 😛 

After some minor and major gossips (which can be termed as R n D) we come to a conclusion tat a person who rarely worked or always wasted others time for all his/her issues is given better pay.. u are shocked, but cant react.. got to hide, since u got to be professional.. next year he s promoted with a better scale and band.. and u are still in the same job, same script, but u are appreciated too much whenever u approach ur manager.. al the tech stuff s got off frm u and the guy/gal who backs manager in meetings gets an onsite trip too.. and tats awsome.. engineers who tend to be engineers in their job become fools finally 😛

I didn’t write this since I filled my appraisal today 🙂

10 items or less

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This movie s a jus an hr movie like an episode of an serial. But am sure its worth watching .. how can someone make a difference in a stranger’s life.. I kind of liked this movie.. and will be n my archive!

Office timings?


No idea why no one ever asks me why u are coming late or why leaving early.. No idea why am still in home without even cleaning up myself and thinking abt this.. may be my manager s busy? or he is over confident abt me or never ever cared abt wat i did (this is calld “thanni thelichi vidarathu”) Anyway I dont have much hyped work tere except to practice some complex unix commands (cp, rm..) in a controlled confidential environment and send out a mail tat all commands worked.. nope am not working for Sun micro systems or any unix vendor 😀

Ok time to go, waiting to 6 Pm 🙂 hope to stay in office till tat time today and create wats called IMPRESSION in ppl tat am also working.. life moves on..! 😀

Media JukeBox :)

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We were planning to get DVD player since the one we have doesnt play divx and its very bad in terms of speed.. and scratched discs OMG I have a loads of them thrown out every year..! So I was jus thinking how a juke box would fit in tat place.. I can copy all my fav cartoons, songs, movies tere and play it whenever I want.. no scratched disc.. no burning issues.. no recurring media expense..

Finally we got wat we were looking into..

Its a 320GB media player.. looks like a mini set top box, bit heavy though.. plugs into the three pin media of our existing tv.. 🙂 so no issues.. Waiting to use it.. its miles away.. costs around 130$ .. Waiting for the Month of May to use it 😀 !

Yeh Ishq!

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