ok… here it goes.. wat happens when u meet someone who u never want* to catch up anytime in life?

Well there can be few gud ways to overcome the same..

  • back off and escape frm the place so tat the other one doenst notice
  • ok.. u cant move becas u are in a Q.. 😦 then try to cover up behind someone..
  • u jus met tat person opposite to u.. facetoface encounter.. wat to do..? move ahead as if u never notice..
  • or u are in a canteen having juice and tat person jus moves near ur table.. jus concentrate on drinking rather than Looking.. !
  • if its a bus and there s no other seat except tat one seat where this person s sitting.. try to get down and take another bus.. never stand there and look like a fool.. πŸ™‚
  • wen tat person becomes ur team mate.. (!) cant help.. try to fite with ur manager and move to diff team.. πŸ˜€

I try something of the above most often when am in such embarrassing situation.. but most often sothapufy the same.. hehe