Integrity Mail!

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So why is integrity thought and spoken everywhere these days..? No idea watever..

But, suddenly I was just thinking, I got an email about how integrity so important in my company.. and I have always been and be in the wilder situations involving conflicts of interests, and life just moves on, if I ask something, I get the response frm the fellows.. “This is how corporate works”, “This is how business works..!” May be I don’t know how the world works, May be I don’t belong here!


Song of the week !

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wat happens?


ok… here it goes.. wat happens when u meet someone who u never want* to catch up anytime in life?

Well there can be few gud ways to overcome the same..

  • back off and escape frm the place so tat the other one doenst notice
  • ok.. u cant move becas u are in a Q.. 😦 then try to cover up behind someone..
  • u jus met tat person opposite to u.. facetoface encounter.. wat to do..? move ahead as if u never notice..
  • or u are in a canteen having juice and tat person jus moves near ur table.. jus concentrate on drinking rather than Looking.. !
  • if its a bus and there s no other seat except tat one seat where this person s sitting.. try to get down and take another bus.. never stand there and look like a fool.. 🙂
  • wen tat person becomes ur team mate.. (!) cant help.. try to fite with ur manager and move to diff team.. 😀

I try something of the above most often when am in such embarrassing situation.. but most often sothapufy the same.. hehe

Keyboard issues !

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My keyboard was making me look a fool whenever I need to do a task in my laptop.. no idea why its happening. But I need a shortcut solution.

Problem: one key (minus) was irritating me, by typing by itself.. i was helpless, motionless, speechless. cald up dell since this is the key board replaced by them a week ago. answer was I got to buy a dell keyboard a fix it. ok. asked them to send a quotation for the same. a reference number was given. ooh.. thanks.. n a week or so i wil hav my new keyboard working.

Stop.. everything is not as smooth.. ! 😦

No mails/calls frm dell. I never had time to cal them up in the *working hours* (9 to 6 in weekdays from a bsnl phone)

This issue was not a big deal when it occurred now and then.. But for the past 3 days its the routine.. and also a horrible noise + continuous click sound accompanies. Bugd a lot I wasnt using the comp for more than 3 days n row n home 😦 (rare event)!

Got up today morning, thought tere ought to be a software solution, to disable tat key or something. Getting too bugd, so tat i started hitting the keyboard. 😦

Found this tool Security Administrator which disables any key of ur choice in the keyboard, works only in windows, and doesnt include individual alphabet keys.

At the least a temporary solution to restart my blogging and mailing.!

Song  Playing: Mann Mohana frm Jodha Akbar 🙂

In j0b?

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There can be only few reasons why someone wants to have a job

  • money
  • money
  • money …

becas he can get most other things using *money* 😉

but hopefully everything can’t be bought/brought 😀