Soothing Song…..

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I love this song .. u can hear it here

I jus feel relieved/relaxed and forget the near ahead problems (like exams !), and get a better confidence.. It jus helps me to go ahead with life/work watever happens.. 🙂

It goes like this..

Soothing Song..!

kaNgaLil enna eeramoa?
nenjinil enna baaramoa?
kaagaLil adhai vaangava?
oru thaayai poala unnai thaangavaa? (2)

petravaL vittu poagalaam
annai boomiyum vittu poaghuma?
thannuyir poala kaappadhil
thaayum nilavum ondrudhaan
irukkum thaayai kaathidu
mayakkam theerndhu vaazhndhidum
puthu koalam poadu
vizhi vaasalil kalakkam yaenaiyaa?

(kaNgaLil enna…)

ammamma indru maaRinaen
anbukku nandri kooRinaen
uLLathin kaayam aaRavum
udhaviyadhu un vaarthai dhaan
nimmadhi indri vaadinaen
nindrida nizhal thaedinaen
thikkatru poana vaeLaiyil
therindhadhu en paadhaigaL
unadhu paadal kaettadhu
manadhil paalai vaarthadhu
puyal kaatril vaadi nindra oadam dhaan
karaiyai saerndhadhu…

kaNgaLil illai eeramae
nenjinil illai baaramae
kaagaLil adhai vaanginaay
oru thaayai poala ennai thaanginaay


Litmus Tool

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Was discussing about the tester’s role in OSS in LinuxChix mail list, though I was aware of bugzilla and stuff like that, never ever did anything except talking/blogging.. So jus thought let me ask out wats tat I can do.. its kind interesting to find how much hard work is put in the bug tracking/fixing in mozilla project. Mozilla, widely popular since the release of firefox.

Tempted to go for a small flash back 🙂

It was in my college days, few years back, I heard of some new(*) operating system, till then I was playing solitaire in windows 98 ( solitaire is still my fav ). Though was worried about formatting in the pretext of LOD (Loss of Data) I tried to check various windows based softwares which are released in Free licence (never ever cared about it til i chked out wat GPL is all about) … Jus came across a new simple browser named phoenix, it was kool, but lacked lot of addons, plugins and was not the direct replacement of IE for a normal user. Later the name changed to firebird since the older name had some conflict issues with some company (?). Firebird s a DB server, so name change again and finally we have firefox.. kind of interesting.. to see thousands of bugs being tracked by litmus for this piece of s/w .. registered myself there, and hope to run some testcases and file bug reports 😛

B4 litmus they had testrunner, which is now testopia, I don’t know why is this change to litmus, but the interface which tells testcase pass/fail is really kool!


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