When I was in school.. always thought that biology is the most complex subject of all… since I couldn’t draw or remember the plants/animals well.. and those cryptic names ..

Later when I was in college, felt theory papers too hard, than the lab ones since I had to *write* something to get marks..  rather than *do* something.. i had an encrypted handwriting, which only I can read 🙂

In job I felt that learning stuff soon is a bigger challenge… and now I face the real issues => PEOPLE

God never created any problem (no idea abt Darwin stuff here) but he created MAN (most complex of all the issues!) I am not able to figure out how humans can show different behaviour in different situations.. well.. there s no psychiatric disease game that we got to play .. 🙂

Person who claims to be a very simple man, finally turns out to be a complex, unsolvable problem.. confuses everyone around with his *complex* and finally looks pitiable with no solution to his problem.. YUP.. I found a solution.. its rite before him.. he just needs to open his eyes.. but he opens only his mouth to talk/argue.. his eyes are still glued with his thoughts which he believes sternly. He appreciates *gud* values or thoughts.. but only before everyone to create a wide impression of his *broad* thoughts, always against implementing anything *workable*.. since he is afraid of his *complex image* being turned towards a *simple image* ..

No idea why people turn to be so complex for the problems which are easily solvable..

I agree, most complex of all is not dino or some alien.. its jus human.. nothing else…

No idea when people wil go MAD.. only diff b.w man and mad is jus a single letter..