Kind of movie day… was looking into my movie archives for the movie which I didn’t watch still.. ended up seeing superman returns.. which I had long back.. but didn’t see.. kind of wierd that superman’s gal fren s married to some guy and yup.. they got a kid too and stil she s n love with superman .. no logic really.. but i like those superman stunts though.. carrying everything, blowing off stuff.. it was like a kool movie 😉 but then drops the sentiment part.. I never like superman in hospital.. tats kind of stupid, the superhero ends up in hospital and monitored using some stupid man made tools.. they cant even give him an injection or shock.. he repels kind of everything.. and the most wierd stuff comes.. his gal fren’s kid is finally his kid.. ! wat crap.. am I watching some lowlevel crap..!?? and is her husband (Richard) is kind of fool I guess.. No idea, how people end up in telling such stories and releasing world wide..! 😦