I was looking for some movie to watch.. since I was not well and wasn’t ready to hit the bed either..

Got this one from my collection, which I never watched.. thought it should be a thriller and started watching the same…

Lindsay Lohan.. the lead lady of the movie has portrayed well.. but could have acted better.. she looked gud than most horror movie leads I should admit.. 😉


Movie starts with a gal in a college reading a story.. and then some stripper is shown.. no idea why.. which I understand only as the movie progresses.. The main gal – Aubrey Fleming is a writer stud and a piano player.. won some youg artist award too.. but she quits tat and comes and takes writing as a major career and writes a story in her kool black mac which I kind of admire 😀 .. then it happens she s missing one night after a baseball match.. then we move to see someone torturing her.. and after few scences as usual FBI finds her.. But the twist comes just in place.. she is not Aubrey.. tats wat she tells.. and she tells she is some Dakota Moss.. Everyone.. family, FBI, doc thinks she s paraniod.. she has got her hand and leg cut off by the one who took her.. we the viewers are also confused.. whether she s the same one or the entirely diff gall.. this Dakota tells tat she s a night club strip dancer.. 

Later she finds from her dad tat she s the twin sister of the adopted kid.. since its not usual tamil movie.. here comes some scientific terms relating twins.. and she saves her twin sister too..

Scenes that I really liked:

  • Whenever Dakota tries to explain she s not Aubrey and everyone just ignores her. Its shot in a real natural way.
  • whenever anyone opened mac in Aubrey’s room 🙂

Scenes that irritated me:

  • No idea why Dakota had sex with Aubrey’s boy fren.. jus to get out of the home and prove she s not his gal fren.. .. never thought it fitted in the story anyways..
  • All those bloody scenes.. the killer cuts the finger, legs, hands… its kind of disgusting.. gud tat it was jus 20 mins in the entire movie.. those bloody scenes are there to bring some thrilling effect i guess… but it jus makes me to move ahead in the movie.. scrolling..
  • Few other stupid scenes..
  • wats the idea behind the blue rose? may be the author liked it.. sorry the director.. 😛